VIP (Very Influential Prick)

Do I have to be rational all the time,
Can I be emotional part of the time,
Like the VIPs..
“Very Influential Prick(s)”,
I don’t always like it,
And why criticize me if you won’t sincerely join me in my vision to fix it?
Admitting it isn’t helping it..
I know you get it..

Happy 2022 again..


Still here..

2 thoughts on “VIP (Very Influential Prick)

    1. Part of my vision is to share my feelings .. yet I know I can join in with more groups who are focused on inwardly developing themselves to facilitate social change, and as Chomsky mentioned at the end of “Manufacturing Consent”, social programs may ALSO facilitate spiritual development, so both can help out each other. And I’d say could be implemented through a wealth tax, those in most need of inner development, for survival, can become part of say.. meditation/support groups..? And of course a lot of these may meet on zoom, or whatever location(s), even outdoor ones, that are available. And yes, they do NOT need to be geographically remote, since we can’t solve world issues by running away from them as I know you agree with. Essentially, time is running out, people are getting too emotional over stuff that makes it harder, and I feel they KNOW there’s problems, but the don’t address what truly needs to be addressed. And I’d say a BIG part of that, is internal change. Healing ourselves internally, to heal the external, although not enough seem to be doing it, it’s still possible.


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