I can do This

Practically speaking once again..
For our own self-interests,
Of increasing the likelihood of better internal,
external and whatever type of experience(s),

And speaking for myself especially,
And regardless of how much toxic forces unconsciously built up in me,
An unconscious sense of identity..
No matter how strong of a “hold” it has on me.. consciously..,


I must NOT be held back by any type of inner insecurity,
Even if lots of painful insecurity is still with me,
All I can do,
Is what I know I must,
To increase the highest likelihood of clearing those inner unconscious toxins,

Whether it’s internal conscious detaching,
untangling and cleansing,


Whether it’s keeping a job,
And if the only job I can find is in a difficult environment,
And when it adds MORE painful difficulty,
To whatever painfully difficult state of consciousness (or I guess unconsciousness) I may be already in..
Sticking with how I know to keep..
Moving along and staying strong,
While not being consumed by even more toxic unconsciousness,
be the commitment,

Even though it may be obvious,
I still must REMIND myself that if I stick with it,
I’ll most likely attain the best of it,
And the worst part will,
Although there’s NO guarantee,
Most likely pass,
Or most likely will at least,

So by committing my attention,
In a direction that’ll more likely guarantee a less painful present experience (inner, external, etc..),


Doing the best I can at that,
At sustaining my attention in the most likely helpful direction,
(Or direction that is most likely to be overall helpful..),
Is all I can do,

As I believe,
The roots of pain and insecurity are internal,
My attention must be inwardly..
And according to me as always..,
I would assume,
The more I inhale,
Notice the inner cleansing flowing through me,
And Exhale,

And in the middle of the inhale,
While noticing the bad energy pass either around or through me,
While recognizing that my consciousness can eventually detach from the poisoned unconsciousness,

That my consciousness can become NOT distorted by it,
That my consciousness can become conscious and NOT unconscious,
That my consciousness can follow on a path towards greater and greater inner awareness capability and discovery,
At the fastest pace it can presently proceed at,

As for all my insecurity and OCD that’s still with me while I continue doing surfacely what I must do that’s productive such as working towards a career,
And any other essential areas of being adequately self-sustaining,
To not let bad feelings unconsciously grow and destroy me,
I must also,
In any moment,
Remember to ask myself,
How am I feeling?
Is there any need for cleansing?
Am I still consistently trying to clear my awareness to make room for greater and greater discovery of more of what there infinitely is to notice and experience?

Where can my attention be focusing?
To truly experience the most I presently can,
In whatever I’m doing and experiencing,

And yes,
I know,
Even with a lot of self-help,
While still surrounded by dominant toxic unconsciousness,
It can still be EXTREMELY HARD to adequately consistently remain on a path of fulfilling clearer and clearer consciousness,


I believe that we,
Speaking for myself especially,

I must say that I,
Must remember that I,

Can do this

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