It Can

Fear seems to manifest in many ways,
Some that come to my mind..
Which like anything,
Can be explained clearer and clearer,
To me..,
Seems to be..

The majority of a population turning to a hierarchy, to protect them from an imaginary enemy,
Or one that does exist,
Yet is NOT nearly as big of a threat as they think,
And the leaders of the hierarchy,
And those on lower levels,
Seem to all want to live in a way that’s precautionary,
Regardless of how rationally necessary,

And of course,
We may fearfully obey the powerful hierarchy(s) we rely on to keep us “safe”,
We’ll obey and please them,
To ALSO ensure as much as we can that the hierarchy doesn’t oppress us,
And we’ll perpetually do this,
Out of unconscious disproportionate fear,
Unconsciously developed in us,
And of course was previously unconsciously developed and passed down to us,

And due to fear,
We may be willing to give up freedom(s),
Such as our fear telling us to “arrest anyone who might be a threat”,
Regardless of giving them a fair trial to prove it,

So because we’ll let our fear navigate us,
We’ll look to the external,
Such as building up weapons,
And contributing to the weapons budget,
Instead of turning to the internal,
To clear and prepare for anything we may experience,

Instead of collectively,
compassionately turning inwardly,
As a culture,
We seem to take precaution irrationally,
Understandably due to history..,
Since we also may HATE what we FEAR,
I guess a rational fear,
Would be FEAR itself causing,
As they say,
“History to repeat itself”,
Such as hating what we disproportionately fear,
Leading to irrationally fearing an entire group,
Therefore hating the group we fear,
Causing us to unconsciously distance and form instant irrational reactionary judgments,
Of the other group(s),
Increasing chances of..,
More war(s),
Causing the same suffering to occur,
As it did before,
And before,
If not worse and worse..,

We make it a value,
To work on ourselves,
To consistently cultivate rational thinking and awareness,
To consistently prepare ourselves for whatever we may internally and externally experience,

So we’ll have rational awareness,
Clear preparedness,
For a better experience,
Instead of FEAR,
Making us more unaware and less clear,
Instead of Fear,
Inhibiting our ability to access more and more,
inner strength,
We can collectively join on whatever path we choose,
To help us,
(Regardless of however presently capable we are),
More capable,

I guess during covid,
Many either became more awake,
remained the same,
or got even crazier..?
(for example),
If we conveniently NOT work on reducing and preventing irrationality such as fear and hate,
Yet if we instead find enough support,
Inspiring inner experience(s),
(For example),
If we decide to WORK on finding the inner contaminated sources to CLEAR and/or CLEANSE the irrational forces,
Just maybe..
There will be a stronger,
Less fearful,
More emotionally clear and centered dominant world force,

Of course this,
Or a needed amount of this..,
May never happen,
What I’m especially trying to emphasize,
Is that,



As for the driving moral force being,
NOT materialistic nihilism,
Neither irrational precaution,
Neither extremist ideology..,
Neither any form(s) of emotional out-of-balance irrationality,
According to me,
A dominant force CAN be,
RATIONAL clear inner awareness development,
On any spiritual path,
That’s most individually presently suitable,

If I’m still as many may say,
“hopelessly dreaming”,
overthinking and analyzing,
I still believe it’s needed to remember,
That ourselves (among more and more others),
Are capable,
Of more and more truly,
Inwardly clearly,
Ongoingly bettering ourselves,


To me,
Regardless of the extents of which it does or doesn’t happen,
Regardless of the extents we do whatever we need to or not,
I believe,
It can,
That being..
We can collectively ongoingly cleanse unconscious inner toxins and/or inhibitions,
To have more clearness,
More freedom from toxic energy,
For the way we function,
As part of all society,


To avoid nihilism,
To have a moral purpose,
We can accept our differences,
In productive RATIONAL,
peaceful moral development practices,

Purposeful practices,
causes and/or ways of life,
that INSTEAD of,
As they say,
“Having to die for”,
We can,
Not only rationally “live for”,
But continue to explore and explore,
Meaningfully access and discover,
As we become ongoingly,
Rationally aware,


As long as our varying states of consciousness continues in our changing physical forms,
Which I believe it still always will,
And I believe,

It can,

In any ways,
Become better and better,

Clearer and clearer,

Deeper and deeper,

In ways that are needed and more and more preferred,
To make life,
Better and better,

Regardless of whatever happens,
I believe,

It can,

Continually and more expansively,


Whatever does or doesn’t happen,
I continue to wish,
As I have often,
For less and less pain,
Less insecurity,
Less suffering in any form(s),

(Partly inspired by “The Power of Nightmares” Part 1, 2 and 3..
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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