Post Processing

Just because I introspectively processed it,
Does not mean,
I’m safe from it,

Just because I understand it,
Does not mean,
I’ll “always” remember it,

Just because I progress, Does not mean I won’t regress if I loose focus, Whether it’s practicing “mindfulness”, Or whatever type of needed awareness,

And I guess the more I lose focus the more likely I regress.. so after processing, do I still need to continue processing..? Yes, and of course it’s like I said in my last post since I’m “always processing”,

I feel I must,
Also sustain paying attention,
To what’ll keep me the safest,
Among wherever else I’m paying attention,

Whether it’s being torn apart,
In a social interaction,
Whether it’s pain above my tolerance level,

I just,
Practice remembering,
To NOT escalate suffering,
To not limit myself,
Experience as much appreciation as I can,
Infinite new ways,
That infinitely expand,
deeper and deeper,
clearer and clearer,

Without inhibiting pressure (of course),
I can,

More and more,

While I’m still,


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