Traumatized Hierarchy

Could common traumatic experiences,
Whether it’s from similar harsh geographical/external natural environment conditions,
Or from whatever type of similar struggle for survival,
Create a type of dominant trauma,
Which exists underneath, shapes and perpetuates a dominant culture? (If not many cultures..?),
And could that trauma create and perpetuate trauma if people don’t know how to process and heal it?
Could it be passed down from generation to generation?
Through person to person,
Or group to group,
Such as,
as various forms and extents of oppression?
Such as,
Violence escalation,
Tragic destructive (traumatized and unconscious) chain reaction(s),

Yes maybe many might regard those as “rhetorical questions”,
Yet I feel it’s crucial for consideration,
That processing and healing trauma,
To clear and live stronger with more capability,
Is what we need to REMEMBER,
Make this conscious passing form we’re in,
Feel more and more,
However worthwhile,
Whatever is a clearer way of describing..


Could examples of what underlies traumatic culture, and/or traumatic culture in general be,
Post traumatic fear?
And post traumatic insecurity?
Or whatever post traumatic emotional extreme effects,
That externally manifests as a culture of people reacting aggressively or overly-emotionally if not violently out of control towards each other..?
Because their past pain (such as trauma),
Has given them excessive insecurity,
Which manifests in emotional irregularity such as extreme fear and anger,
As unconscious behavior that is merely reactionary,
And therefore is in unconscious need of control and security,
Since the individuals have been severely traumatically deprived of needed feelings of safety and reasonable certainty perpetually..?
With zero or inadequate inner healing support,
Zero to insufficient inner healing development,
And as a result,
They unconsciously seek what appears to be a destination of “certainty” or “security” perpetually,
Yet in reality it makes them temporarily happy,
Yet the unhealed inner pain takes over again inevitably and invariably..,
And they may react to any assumed threat excessively fearfully and/or aggressively due to unconscious built up fear that initiated and kept exacerbating from continual traumatic events in their life,
And their traumatized damaged awareness (or unawareness),
Kept them unaware of other traumatizing or toxic energy forces,
That kept them the same if not made them worse..,
And they always excessively fear reliving anything worse or similar,
So they’re trauma makes them unclear due to too much unnecessary unconsciously built up fear that they never sufficiently learned how to adequately clear..,
That they never had the support and/or experiences to motivate them to clear their traumatic inner inhibitions to clearly awaken to the capabilities in them,

And of course,
As for certain unique/individual results of being traumatized,
For whatever reasons,
Whether it’s because of hypersensitivity/emotional irregularity,
Further exacerbated by sleep deprivation,
Etc, etc..,
Some may break into delusion,
Then become labeled and forced on excessive medication,
By other traumatized unconscious individuals running the institution(s),
Who seek to make money insatiably,
Who seek control and stability,
Largely as a desperate attempt to block out their unconscious built up insecurity,
Largely as a result of their traumatic history,
Similar to those beneath and/or controlled/inflicted by their authority,

Whether on top,
The bottom,
Or wherever,
There seems to be,
A traumatized hierarchy,

They seem to be interconnected,
And there seems to be many,
Even if you don’t research it on Google, in books or on Safari..,

And in addition to innate advantages and disadvantages,
How people tend to react to trauma,
Seems to depend largely,
On where they wind up,
In the traumatized culture hierarchy,

So they suffer and limit themselves without any awareness of the causes,
Or without awareness that they could heal themselves and experience a better,
Conscious experience,

Because they been traumatized before they knew how to consciously respond to the trauma,
In order for the trauma to not excessively harm and limit them,
And as a result,
Grew an unconscious system,
With inadequate cleansing awareness,
With many traumatized individuals running away and succeeding,
While other traumatized individuals feeling uncontrollably stuck as overly-entitled victim,
Or so damaged and unaware,
On their own,
(Internally and/or externally),
With inadequate care,
(For example),

With many asking,
Will enough find a way,
Wake up?

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