Moving Along

“Sitting on the pity pot”,
Is something I’m NOT intending,
And I think it’s clear,
With all the frustration I’m experiencing,
As I struggle in the moment,
I feel locked in yet WISH I WASN’T,

I know the victim mentality limits my capability,
Such as the fact that not letting go of the pain and negativity inhibits me,
Yet the energy just locks me in,
And it’s a struggle I talk about,
Because I try to helpfully express what I experience and what I feel I learn from my experience (including what others discuss) such as detaching from harmful energy,

Of course I believe in accountability,
Yet it’s just rough being held to the same standards with different types of adversity,
And more in certain areas,

So no,
I’m NOT on the “pity pot”,
Because if I was I wouldn’t be posting the way I am,
I wouldn’t be sharing the writing like I am..,

Non-compassionately reminding me of stuff I already know,
Such as all of what I KNOW I MUST LET GO,
So I can struggle less and increasingly MOVE ON,
Is an example of what I ALREADY KNOW,
And writing is one way in which I’m moving on,

Or moving along,
In a better direction,
Of an attempt at worthy helpful expression,
To offer what I feel may be helpful for myself and any others,
In whatever painful situation(s),

As a reminder,
These are some of my intentions

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