Yes.. I know

Instead of others getting more pissed off at me for thinking I “didn’t let go” of what I know I must seem like a bigger issues than emphasizing with me,
Instead of others reminding me I must do this, that and the other thing,
Which I already know or what I’d definitely come to know or remind myself of,
I just wish they’d let me vent and express myself,
I just wish they’d hear me,
Instead of feeling an immense need to lecture me,

I already know what I must do,
And I’m trying my best,
But if I have one or a few moments of wanting to harmlessly vent,
Why not just listen and help each other out in the present?

I don’t think we need to WORRY or be as FEARFUL as we are..,
If anything,
I think it’s good to remember,
That listening and acknowledging others expressing,
No matter how rational or irrational it may be,
Is needed to help many feel less alone in their feelings,

Of course I know what I must let go,
Of course I know what I must do,
And being reminded of what I should and should not be doing,
Doesn’t offer me support on how to actually do it,
And it doesn’t INWARDLY address what is preventing me from doing it,

And what prevents me is forces of irrationality,
It’s not a lack of understanding,
Because it’s forces of IRRATIONALITY that won’t listen to the rational parts of me,

So ideally,
I believe I MUST REMIND MYSELF to cleanse the irrationality in the “inner body”,

And yes..,
I’m not near the level of doing this as someone like Eckhart Tolle,

I just want to say that as for what I must do, such as letting go..

I know

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