Noticing, Settling and Cleansing

Aside from my right to vent,
I don’t think people start of as “bad” or “evil”,
I believe that they developed themselves the best and only ways they knew how,

And if those ways were toxic,
distorted and however misguided,
Maybe they don’t see a way out..?
Maybe they don’t feel they have enough support..?
From others to pull them out,
Or help free them from their unconscious destructive mentality,
As for that,
Probably the best ways to heal evil,
Are collective aspirations,
To heal inner pain and frustration..?

As for me,
The more pain I feel,
The more desperate I am to block it out,
Without foresight,
Of the bigger problems I’ll have as a result of quickly blocking it out,

And when people tell me stuff,
Or imply stuff such as to,
“Get over it”,
Instead of helping me consciously internally cleanse it,
They’re criticism of me not letting go of the pain in me,
Just adds more pain in me, And therefore adding to the likelihood that I’ll block it out in the most harmful overall ways assuming that’s what’s most easily accessible.., (Assuming I lack enough confidence and support for healing myself in a helpful way I need to.. (for example)),
And their criticism does NOT consciously offer me,
Healing energy,
Nor guidance on how to proceed down a healing path..,

And if they’re telling me all I need,
Or all I must do,
I can say,
For a start,
I need empathy,
What I must do is be around those whose energy is good for me,
And not unhelpful or more destructive,
Aside from any next inner healing steps I may feel I must take..,

And if they have no helpful path to offer me,
Then the best they could do is let me vent,
Distance themselves from me if need be,
And just let settle,
What they can’t force to heal in me,

They could just let settle,
What they don’t have control over,
Such as..,
Ways in which I’m locked-in,
Even if I’m aware of how irrational I’m being,
Sometimes the mental inaudible voices,
Or forces,
Become overwhelming,

And instead of feeding and adding inner tension by resisting what I can’t push,
or force out of me..,
The best I can do is notice and let be,

While the pain settles in me,
While I cultivate healing,
cleansing energy,

Which for me hasn’t often felt easy,
Yet these are just some ways of being and continual aspiring I feel to be practical for me

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