Why should I worry about “burning bridges” with people..?
When I feel that not nearly enough others have offered me and/or accompanied me in crossing a helpful bridge to the other side,
That is away from my far more painful than necessary misfortunes,

(All they need to do is spread enough helpful energy..),

And since I haven’t learned,
How to build my own self-sustaining bridge,
or shelter,
one-hundred percent by myself for survival,
I’m forced to interact or be somehow controlled by other people,
And because they have and sometimes (if not often) continue to hurt me MORE THAN NECESSARY,
It’s like whether I “burn a bridge” (or somehow damage a type of relationship..) with them or not.. What difference(s) does it make..?
Too many just make it so,
So damn unnecessarily hard for me,

And with all this negativity,
If it goes unchecked and uncleansed,
It may cause the bridges that hold together,
Or connect all societies,
To all fall eventually…

I just have to keep reminding myself,
To keep trying the best I presently know how,
To accept all I can NOT avoid encountering,
Or in any moment including this one,

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