Keeping Peace

Since I can’t change others,
They’ll keep talking shit,
And in whatever context, circumstance,
I’ll just need to let them get by with it,
So I don’t threaten civilization,
By standing up to their unconsciousness,
And horrifically,
Escalate it,

Since I’ve been shit talked about a lot,
I may quickly assume it,
No matter how obvious,
It’s obvious,
I must find inner peace,
To help keep peace,

I just remember to practice checking in within,
To try to stay conscious,
So I don’t forget,
Even what’s obvious

2 thoughts on “Keeping Peace

  1. Zach, you are a very good person. Sadly, the culture in the USA (and almost everywhere in the world) is not “love your neighbor” as Jesus would have had it be. Keep being YOU, and be the good person that you are. Know there are good people who love you, and you love and respect yourself.


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