If I don’t have empathy,
I’ll feel alone and isolated,
I therefore won’t feel meaningfully included and connected,

If anyone with any level of power over me,
can’t empathize,
I’d guess..,
They won’t order AS clearly,
Nor as deeply understand,
what’s best for THEM,
And everyone they encounter as time passes presently,
And they may make,
my ability to learn less clear,
by reprimanding me severely..?

I can imagine..,
Someone saying..,
“Why do you ALWAYS talk about being present when you’re so damn anxious and out of control!!?”,

And they’ll then feel a need to “humble me”,
And because I’ll be lost in anxious,
unclear thinking,
My anxious confusion,
May deepen into paranoid delusion?

Don’t know??
As of now it’s okay if you don’t either,
I just hope we,
Stay aware of how we affect each other,

Once again..,
It’s the same..
Am I in isolation,
Amongst a crowd of seemingly positive(?) social connection,
Or doing a reality check regarding a feeling of apprehension,
And trying to safely figure out,
What degree is this my imagination?

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