Wherever We Are

It’s never been easy for me,
That many,
I’ve been blessed to encounter,
Due to whatever,
Parted ways with me,

It’s been very hard for me,
Trying to accept,
That life manifestations,
Who I had the privilege to meet,
And on any levels,
Beautifully got to know,
Seemingly inevitably,
Come and go,

Even though,
I presently haven’t yet let go,
Of many I may,
Never see again,
To try to feel better,
I try to remember,
To remind myself,
That I believe,
That what I,
Among all life forms,
Manifested into being from,
I always been,
And always will be,
A part of,
In whatever form,
And non-form,
I’m in,

Regarding those,
Who passed,
Or whoever I’ve shared,
Deep connection with,
Or any level of connection,
Even when we acknowledged,
The moment of interaction we were sharing,
Would someday,
As well as the form we were in,
Would one day,
Regarding any of those beings,
Who continued on their journey,
Who I may never see again,
I believe,
On some level,
They never left,
And may never leave,

And on some level,
As we change in form,
We may just be,
As we may have always been,
Infinitely part of the same spirit,
Or however one would put it,

And aside from my belief in uncertainty,
I just wish I could know that..
I just wish..,

Even though,
They’re not here with me,
In some way,
They’ve always been,
Always will be,
A part of me,

It’s been hard,
And no matter how meaningless,
And painfully true,
True experience,
Existence and non-existence might be,
I still believe,
That we can still find peace somewhere,
In whatever reality,

Regardless how hopeless,
Or meaningless,
The reality could be,
I believe,
That somewhere,
In there,
We can access,
Peace and equanimity,

As always,
And no matter how crazy,
And unconscious I ever might be,
Even if there’s a part of me,
That deeply hates and does not trust you,
In whatever state of awareness,
Or beingness,
You may have ever found me,
There’s also that part of me,
That wishes you,
Wherever you are,


On your journey

(Source: Just thought I’d reminise: https://youtu.be/Hm40kA3coeg)

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