Man vs. Manchild

Once upon a time,

A man walked in the door,
Gave another manchild,
some beer,
And muscles,
to try on,

The beer muscles made the manchild ask himself,
“This is what clears my anxiety the quickest and easiest way.. now that I think..?”

The man left,
To go back to wake up the next day,
In a job,
In which many unknown men,
Have been washed away,
And wasted,
In a club called,
“The bay”,

The manchild said,
In time..
In time..
This medicine,
Is how,
All the bullies,
Evil artists,
And manipulation in any forms,
Will pay!

The manchild thought to himself,

“And here I am.. in my room, afraid of everyone all by myself, time to question, myself”.

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