More Advice

Since we react to the same experience differently,
How can I guarantee,
That if I mistreat others,
the way they mistreat me,
That they’ll empathize with me,
(Like I said),
Their different states of awareness,
react to the same experience differently,

And autocorrect once again didn’t underline “empathize” and instead,
Because I re-read this,
Is was me,
Not the IPhone,
Information database or wherever,
That realized this,

Since (in posts (of mine) such as “No Guarantee”),
I mentioned there’s NO guaranteed outcome,

In my belief,
Trying to show the bully “how it feels”,
WITHOUT healing the internal roots of,
why people bully,
why people suffer,
Or however we energetically project ourselves on each other,
Does not seem to guarantee,
And because,
In my belief that I try to emphasize clearer,
and clearer,
It just seems to me that,
Punishment does NOT enlighten,
Yet seems to cause more painful confusion,

Although there’s no “one way”,
I would say,
To focus on inner development,
That heals painful feelings,

Words may not be able to describe this,
Or maybe it’s those like me,
Who can NOT clearly write this?

And words,
can’t change someone,
Especially since they are words,
Not behavior,

But what is a way to heal pain,
That is causing others,
To mistreat others,
In order to feel better?

Seems to be,
The unconscious ego,
Which we,
must overcome?

Is it (as Eckhart Tolle refers to it) the “pain-body”?
Or I guess (based on my understanding),
“Unconscious pain feeding energy”,
That we must consciously recognize within ourselves to consciously step OUT of?

What environments,
Do we provide for ourselves,
and children,
To facilitate,
This awakening development process?

Basic needs,
But how?
Go to the supermarket,

Point is,
In my belief,
The more we try to prove ourselves right,
The more we forget what we’re trying to prove,
If it’s to someone,
Or anyone,
Who reminds us of anyone,
Who we remember,
Deeply hurt us,

Now don’t stereotype,
At least,
Many of us seem to NEED to be reminded of that advice

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