Terrifying Seasons

I must watch my mind,
So it doesn’t,
Control me like a puppet,

Anger destroys me,
Fear makes me want to feel superior,
Goodness makes me feel,
I can always do better,

One assumption I now have,
Is that,
If I don’t watch it,
My mind will,
Hurt me,

And if others let there minds control them,
Or if they say,
“I can’t control my mind”,
Then I believe,
That those who can’t control their minds,
Those who can’t control their emotions,
Or both,

Those who can’t control themselves,
I DEEPLY fear,
Their power over me,

And it’s that fear in me,
That tells me to,

If we don’t know how to control ourselves when we “disobey”,
How will our new societal structure feel any different?

I hope on some level you feel it,
And know how to prevent it,
Yet I’ll just ask it,
As for sustaining freedom,
And sustaining the planet,
Are enough of us,
Doing it!?

Yes my ego wants another blog post,
When others don’t do what they can for whatever personal reasons,

And/or geographically speaking,
We may get more,


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