Because Then

I WISH I was not labeled,
I WISH my autistic neurodivergent challenges were not used against me,
I WISH the confidence I could have developed,
Developed in me,


I could be more self-sustaining,
Such as,
Working harder to survive and THEREFORE developing a greater appreciation for what I HAVE because I worked harder for it,
And I can feel that my work may also be fulfilling a societal function,
Such as if I had confidence to go into construction,

And a guy who bullied me is now a construction worker,
And he took off with his career,
As I remain held back by what people like him did to me..,

And oh I wish I had that confidence in me,


I feel I may be experiencing far more fulfillingly,

Oh I wish I developed that confidence in me,

I guess,
I just must,
Notice my naturally occurring breath,
And return to my sensations,
Of my inner body,

Oh I wish for that gratifying conscious confidence,
To fill me

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