Step by Step

I wish it was easier,
I wish there was more equality,
I wish there was less pain that built in us,
I wish there was LESS pain that limited us,

I wish we could clear more toxic energy,
And open more to our deep powerful peaceful compassionate efficient capabilities,

I wish it did NOT feel as hard,
It wish it felt easier,

And I just want to say,
Even though I may APPEAR on the surface as someone who always has it “easy”,
There’s just TOO much pain I’ve experienced,
TOO much pain I still carry with me,
Due to how those have treated me,
Due to my “on the spectrum”,

There’s so much painful memories that I can NOT possibly include it all,
And I can NOT precisely depict any exact occurrence(s),

In my belief,
There’s always something more to be discovered about any particular experience(s),

I was someone who was DIFFERENT,
Who ALSO came from a DIFFERENT environment,
Who immensely STRUGGLED in a mainstream that did NOT like DIFFERENCE,

Many may still judgmentally not understand and callously dismiss this,

Yet as for me,
I ALSO had a hard experience,

And I struggle to keep going,
To keep letting go,
To cultivate compassion,
In a step by step fashion,

My neurodivergent challenges to navigate,


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