Continue to See

If someone offers to help me,
I can NOT really tell their intentions completely(?)

Like are they asking,
How can I help you become more the way I see?
What feels truest to you?
And what do you believe I can do to help you?

So do they want to help me by offering to meet MORE of THEIR expectations of me?
Or do they want to help me more deeply utilize,
The opportunities many of us may have (externally),
To different degrees,
Regarding being FREE?
Do they want to find and join me in a seemingly viable effort to experience life far more profoundly meaningfully?

Yes I would say internally we may be able to increase a type of freedom from painful emotions,
If we learned a proper technique properly..?

Yet as for those who offer to “help” me,
What are they really asking?
Are they looking to help me in ways that’ll give them a sense of control over me?
(Maybe that they don’t see(?)),
Are they..,
Looking to really be there for me?
Are they looking for an opportunity to be mean to me by criticizing me when I struggle to be perfect (in order to feel better and try making up for their own insecurity)?
What are they really offering me?

And if I openly question their intent,
They may be like(?)..,
“Why can’t you just fucking do it!!?”
“Fuck it!!”
“Oh I tried to help and you just couldn’t!!”,
“I tried so hard to be there for you and out of nowhere you say I ‘treat you like shit!!’”
And what would their responses say about their initial intentions?
If they really wanted to help me,
And if I questioned them,
Would they have really responded as aggressively if they REALLY wanted to help me?
Such as developing more inner peaceful likable energy?
Yes those were hypothetical examples,
(Yet not to far off from what I often feel to be reality..),
Of course I’d say another could be trying to excuse verbal abuse as “trying to help me”,
Such as shouting advice at me..,
Such as yelling orders for me..,
And I have to ask..,
How is aggressive energy going to help clear the inner toxic energy that weighs me down?
How is aggressive energy going to help develop the inner peace I need to have the strength to “succeed”?

Is their inner place of offering help to me,
Really going to help me?

I guess,
As for whoever it may be,
Who offers to try to help me,
I shall continue,
To see


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