The “Shadow” Overshadowing

Instead of detaching from my mind,

I’ll wind up in a realm of MORE thought,
So I’ll become even MORE entrenched in overthinking,
Causing my unconscious over-thinking to be even more,

So I may over-think about over-thinking(?),
Instead of just floating,
Instead of just watching the thought current,
I may fight the current,
Instead of going with it,
I’ll be trying to swim out of it,
And instead end up becoming more caught in it(?),

So yes,
Without realizing it,
I may be swimming against the current,
And losing energy,
Instead of,
Swimming to the side of the current,
To free myself from it,
Just letting the current take me,
If I feel that’s the better present option to be(?),

So evidently if I try to think my way out of over-thinking,
I may MORE LIKELY end up creating more thinking(?),
And if my mind is holding me back,
More analysis I feel,
Will NOT help my mind relax,

And as for emotional energy,
If I’m struggling with inner tension,
Tense advice from others,
May happen to increase my inner emotional tension(?),
Causing me to lose more inner balance of emotion,
Causing me to MORE likely,
Possibly lose sleep,
Or however become triggered into delusion,

I feel that,
It’s felt hard managing the energy in me,
And a huge challenge,
And key,
I feel,
Is to once again remind myself,
To further relax and let be,
To stop trying to fix what can NOT be fixed,

And to just..,
However I see fit,
Manage my energy,
So it does not cause me to,
Lose it,

And maybe another (however similar) way to put it(?),
Could be described as,
(As I’ve heard),
The “shadow”,
So once (and/or BEFORE) my unclear over-thinking happens to be severely overshadowing,
Hopefully I can witness the sensations and NOT think about them since I’m noticing my inner foundational sensations(?)..,
Instead of trying to think such as trying to arrive at more detailed explanations(?),
Instead of thinking to try reducing excessive thinking and therefore adding thinking (possibly unlike what I may presently be doing(?)),
Instead of the “shadow” overshadowing,
In this case that being exhausting excessive thinking..,

And even if I (most likely) have NOT been sufficiently consistently meditating(?)..,

Maybe I must once again,
Remind myself to increasingly direct and deepen my attention,
To my inhalations,
Exhalations and whichever passing inner sensations,

Maybe I must once again,
Try to focus and continually deepen my attention,
To whatever is NOT thinking,
To whatever does NOT add to painful inner tension building(?),
Which of course may help prevent,
Stuff such as,
Leading to more explosions..,
And more deadly bad emotional energy combinations,
Causing greater and greater destructions,
Solidifying collective division..,
All because..,
We did NOT know how to handle our building toxic emotion(?),
All because we did NOT know how to helpfully redirect our attention(?)..,
All because we remained unaware of changing states of energy,
And yes that is a belief of mine evidently..,

So yes,
May we NOT get overshadowed by,
The “shadow”

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