Again and Again

I obsessively feel a need to post that I presently feel that:

As far as I know,
I only experience living at least “once”,

Yet I believe,
The deeper source that I manifest from,
That after going back into it,
I can manifest from again,
And again,

(On earth or wherever..),

I believe,
(To put it figuratively..),
I may form as a wave,
Then crash on the shore,
(Or wherever),
As I go back into the total life essence (and/or) consciousness,
I’d say I may always form as a wave again..?


So even though I believe I can never completely know..,
Just maybe..(?),
I’ll form out from the ocean of life energy as a wave,
Then topple over..,
Or die..(?),
Then will be back as the source of consciousness I came from,
And of course then,
Manifest again,
As a separate manifestation and/or combined with however many other waves previously formed and died,
Yet are now forming again,
And again,
And again,

And yes,
I hope that whatever we do now,
Always causes,
Ongoing present sentient physical manifesting,
To become,
Better and better..,

Yet regardless of the case,
Among all else I wish for,
I just wish for,


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