Viking Spirit

Is “honoring” largely an ego thing?

I’ll say it’s a broad term..(?),

I try to honor practical commitments,

Yet if I “dishonored” someone,
Did I hurt something important?
Or their insatiable insecure ego?
I guess I may never totally know?

And well,
I don’t know who all my ancestors were?
I have no idea..?

Assuming at least some were Vikings?
As for a peaceful,
Viking spirit,
I would say I LACK IT,

If my ancestors were to come see me,
They just may be like..,
“Are you kidding me!!?”,


As I made so much posts about..,
I evidently..,
Started a certain way,
Developed a certain way..,
I still struggle a certain way,
Practically everyday..,

And I don’t mean to negatively assume about whoever may view me,
Ancestors or whoever,

If I want that peaceful,
Viking spirit,
I can NOT be getting immensely held back,
By what anyone thinks,

I need to live free,
And not get derailed,
Nor drained of spirit,
By what anyone thinks,

Instead of living for their expectations,
I need to find true inner freedom,

Instead of trying to be the way they may see me,
I must find and develop the strength in me,
That is NOT weighed down by any other ego’s opinions of me,

And well,
That’s essential,
For a Viking spirit,
As for one way that I’d put it,

And to whoever does not like it..,



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