Focusing on Negativity

I feel that MANY people focus on my negative qualities,
NOT to help me,
Yet to just criticize me,
In order for their egos to try to feel a sense of “superiority”,
By adding to my appearance of inferiority,
Through illuminating even the slightest negative quality(s) they spot in me,
In addition to making me appear LESS confident,
MORE anxious and inferior,
Through their ego’s continual critical intimidating energy,
Or however it is their egos keep insatiably increasing a feeling of dominance over me(?),

I’d guess(?),
Since (or if) egos are negativity in the first place,
They’ll just gravitate to more negativity,

Since negativity may catch attention(?),
If focusing on what is “negative” gives egos more attention?
I’d guess the ego will just seek MORE negative attention?
(And I hope that didn’t cause increasing confusion..(?)),

May criticize me(?),
Without having anything helpful to teach me,
Leaving me with just MORE,
Internally limiting,
Ability impinging,
Such as feelings of more shame,
More inferiority,

They’ll criticize me,
Have nothing helpful to offer me,
Then (largely as a result),
I’ll feel even more shut down,
I’ll feel even more inferior,

If the dominant cultural energy,
Is that of the ego(?),
I guess I live in a world surrounded by worsening negativity?
If I properly develop REAL positivity..,
As for anyone who feels too weighed down by their ego’s increasing inner painful negative energy..,
Hopefully they’ll gravitate to more of my real positive energy..(?),

Yet I feel unconscious negative energy often dominates me,
If I’m successful at developing more real positive energy that has a deeper social attraction force,
Of course,
Others dominated by their negative egos may unconsciously gravitate to more negativity and/or FAKE positivity..(?),

And well,
As for any of those who consciously admit to themselves that they’ll immensely benefit from more positivity,
Whether it’s me or whoever,
Just maybe..(?),
Emanating real positivity,
Will attract more,
Positivity ?

(Source: Eckhart Tolle:

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