If I can’t find the Words

(Okay so to make it obsessively “clear”, I’m saying “can ‘NOT’” instead of “can’t” once again as much as I can..),


And of course,

Therefore I feel:

If I can NOT find the words,
That I need to help express any toxic energy off and out of my chest,
I’m going to need to remind myself,
To keep doing my best,
At clearing the bad energy I’m carrying,

I can NOT write everything down,
Nor do I have time,
To remember and write everything that comes to mind,
Nor is it always appropriate,
And it may cost me my job if my boss’s insecure ego fires me for briefly writing (something I fear I’ll forget) on my phone (such as in a Google document) even ONCE..?

So yeah,
I do NOT have time to write everything,
As for words,
That pass through me,

I can still come back to my inner body,
I feel I can,
Peacefully accept without depending on,
Nor creating some external entity,
(Such as a “need” to write “‘everything’ important”),

I can instead,
Witness my breath,
Witness tension reducing in my inner body,
I can witness,
The thoughts and/or all my inner sensations passing,
While sustaining focus on what I need to be doing,

(Source: Eckhart Tolle mentions the “inner body” in his book “The Power of Now” (1997) such as on page 125..),

And even if I never ever again remember exactly what I wanted to express previously,
A clearer and deeper expression,
May just,
Eventually come to me?

Yet I feel my foundational awareness development,

And hopefully,
It helpfully,
Clearer and clearer,
Deeper and deeper,
For me,
More and more,

Whether in words for writing,
Or whatever it may,
Need to be

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