More than Re-reading

If I revise something while unconscious,
That I initially wrote while conscious,
I just may..,
Make what I wrote,
When revising,

For example,
I may have initially been straight to the point,
Then I’ll start over-explaining,
Then I’ll give too many examples,
I may even get too aggressively political and judgmental(?),
Then I’ll cause more and more confusion,
And just may,
Have regrets..(?),
Hence I’ll then realize my insecure ego took over,
And crafted what was NEVER in alignment,
With my deeper,
True intent,

Developing a piece of writing,
I feel,
Takes more,
Than just,

I need to revise,
With CLEAR awareness,
In order to stay alert,
To spot what I need to change..,

So like anything,
I’d say it comes down to,
As always,
That clear,
Inner peaceful power,
That’ll help me do better and better,
Such as with,
However and whatever I’m doing,
And of course,

So as for crafting a piece of writing,
Including anything,
I feel I must do,
What I view,
As ethical,
As rational,
As peaceful,
As true

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