A possibility

I feel,
In addition to regular sleep,
In addition to proper wellness balance,
I need positive social connection,
So I MORE likely connect with others,
On the same page,
And feel therefore LESS painfully isolated in my head,

And well,
(Just like the “snowball effect” metaphor),
The more I’m in isolation,
The LESS of any social connection..,
Or I guess(?),
The LESS POSITIVE social connection I therefore have,
The MORE likely I therefore may spiral into delusion,
That MORE likely repels others and causes even more rejection,
More isolation..,
Increasing the possibility of me,
Sinking even deeper,
Into dangerous delusion..,

In addition,
To all I posted about negativity,
I’ll add that I feel that..,
In addition to NEEDING to connect with others,
To further avoid dark mental energy hell,
I feel,
I need social interaction,
To be positive..,
And in a world seemingly dominated by egos pointing out negativity in others to feel a sense of “superiority”(?),
Positive social interaction,
Just has NOT felt to come easy,

And I’ll further add that I feel that:

Of course,
To feel better or more “secure” about themselves etc, etc,,
The egos of others will just point out negative qualities of me such as that,
I haven’t landed a career..,
I’m not doing what I could be “excelling at”,
NOT positively acknowledging,
All the writing I did,

They’ll point out negatives..,
While NOT acknowledging,
That I’m a kind person..,
While NOT acknowledging,
How hard I worked,
How FAR I came,
With my label,
Among all I carried with me internally,
Among all I been through,

They’ll say,
“You gotta start somewhere”,
Without regarding how far I came,

They’ll say,
“We all started somewhere”,
WITHOUT regarding,
Where I started,
And how far I came,
Such as with writing,
Including making it THROUGH,
What I have often wrote about,

So how about(?),
Instead of just criticizing the way they feel I “need to be criticized”,
How about,
Or mostly saying something positive??

How about developing energy,
With LESS inner and therefore,
LESS external negativity?

Don’t they realize(?),
Feeling real positivity,
May not only help me feel and function better,
Will (more likely) help them as well!!?

Why not work on energy(?),
That’ll help working together,
And however being together and civilly depending on each other,
Reasonably easier,
And easier,

Of course I’d guess(?),
If we really knew how to sufficiently do it,
We would do it,
I’d say we truly do NOT prefer feeling worse than necessary(?),

And well..,
I just can’t control the reality,
As I feel I made repeatedly clear,
I can heal the inner roots of my negativity,
I can find fulfilling peace in me,
No matter the negativity that surrounds me,

And of course as for being positively (and/or) inner peacefully successful,
I feel..,
There’s no guarantee,
I just thought I’d POSITIVELY acknowledge,
What I presently see,
As a greater and greater,


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