Another Opportunity to take stuff LESS personally

When voting today,
An old woman said to me,
“You don’t look 18”,
Then I said,
“I’m 27”,
Then she said,
“You’re kidding”,
And I think it was because (as of today (August 23rd, 2022)) I don’t presently have a beard and she just didn’t really look at my appearance clearly but ANYWAY..,

I ask myself,
Was that a compliment?
Or must I be offended..?

And well,
I’ll give her the (as they say) “benefit of the doubt”,
Why let something like that derail me..?
Why must that be the “straw that breaks my back”?
Of course I must not let something as minor as that have me fly off an inner peaceful track..,

And yes,
There’s definitely lots of moments,
Unlike this,
When the person did TRY to offend me,
Yet I just did not write about because,
Yes I get too busy,
And there’s just been too many,
To list sufficiently clearly,

And of course,
As I talked about in my post,
“Nothing to do with me”,
I must have the strength to keep going,
Since I will (most likely) keep encountering those,
Who deliberately try to offend me,

So I’d say this was just another example,
And/or opportunity,
To take stuff,
LESS personally,
And continue cultivating,
Peaceful energy,

Regardless of what the old woman’s intent actually was,
Of course,
I must stay focused,
On NOT having my surroundings,
Such as how others may treat me,
Totally determine how I feel internally,

I must NOT define myself by how others treat me,
I must NOT have my energy be the energy of others,
I must not have my inner energy dangerously exacerbated by others,
Instead of conforming and/or giving them complete (as they say) “power over me”,
Other’s energy,
Does NOT need to affect my energy,

And yes,
I feel that this is way easier “said than done”,
Yet I still believe that finding and sustaining peace within,
Can still be done,
Regardless of my surroundings and energy of others,

Step by step,
I can take stuff,
Less personally,
And therefore,
Peace in me,

Similar to what my friend told me,
People say and do stuff to others,
That I would just NOT say NOR do to them,
And well,
Regardless of the old woman essentially saying I look (about at least) 10 years younger than I am now at 27,
(Since the voting age is 18 and I looked “too young” (hence 17)),
I tried not taking it personally,
I tried to (yet struggled to) keep developing that LESS destructive LESS easily offended awareness,
And well,
I’d definitely say,
That more of that inner peacefulness,
Will tremendously help stuff politically,


Yet of course,
As for the energy that influences law and/or ANY decision making,
Including the dominant energy that sustains human coexisting..,
We will see,


And of course,
INSTEAD of trying to get LESS offended by suppressing awareness,
I can EXPAND and/or develop within me,
Inner peaceful powerful awareness,
That’ll give me the awareness,
To NOT make damaging judgments of those who,
To whatever degree,
May deliberately mistreat me,

For example,
I can realize there’s ALSO a deeper essence to them,
That’s DEEPER,
Than their unconscious,
Sadistic energy,

And realizing there’s more goodness,
And/or peaceful true beingness underneath unconsciousness,
May help me,
Feel more strengthening inner peace and positivity


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