At least I Try

To emphasize what I feel as in my post “More worth Trying”,
In addition to additionally sharing whatever I feel I’m feeling,
I feel that:

Even if me pursuing writing is a “waste”,
Even if everything I write is “wrong”,
At least I tried to do something that I found,
For myself as,
Most truly profound,
Most meaningful,

At least I tried to make my existence,
In the present manifestation I’m in,
To be most worthwhile,
Most worth experiencing,
Or at least more than plenty other types of experiencing..(?),

Like the Socrates quote,
To paraphrase a part of it..(?),
At least I tried to “examine my life”,

(Source: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” (Quotefancy)

For example,
Juggling (as a big hobby of mine) being a unique skill set,
Just may give my ego clearer “validation”,
Writing may be harder to appreciate and understand..?
I feel for me,
Writing is more meaningful,
I feel it’s,

So even if my ego does not get the “validation” it insatiably looks for,
(Which of course it never finds since it is insatiable anyway..(in my belief)),
(Source: Eckhart Tolle, “The Many Faces of Ego” (2021)
At least I tried,
And well,
At least I’m trying,
To live a life,
(Speaking for myself),
That I presently view,
To be,


Why just “go through the motions” and not take a deeper look at anything?
Why just miss out on so much,
Of what there possibly is to appreciate?
And of course (I feel) I do NOT need to be writing all the time,
Nor ever to deeply/inwardly appreciate,
As for hobbies or whatever..,
I feel that me choosing writing,
For me (evidently),
Is just,
Much better


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