Sticking With

If I like what I wrote,
Expressed or whatever,
As for any others who don’t like what I wrote,
I can appreciate,
What I see as true to me,

I don’t need to “agree” with their viewpoints that make zero sense to me,
And well,
I often fail at conforming out of alignment with what’s true to me,

I feel I’m bad at conforming to,
What’s NOT true to me..,

And since I live in this world,
Since of course it’s NOT just about me,
Remaining sufficiently adjusted,
Has not often felt easy,

It hasn’t felt easy fitting in easier and easier,
With a condition that makes stuff harder and harder,
And yes this I repeated and repeated..,

Dealing with people among other stuff,
Has just felt too painful,
Too often,

Yet as for what I see as true,
And regardless of how many others try to hurt,
And/or shut me down with their ego’s point(s) of view,
I’ll just,
As always,
Try to keep sufficiently sticking with,
What I view,
As true,

Even if what they do and say happens to painfully stick with me,
I’ll just keep trying to clear the toxic energy,
Attain and sustain LESS inner weight,
And MORE peacefulness,
To have more inner energy and power,

For whatever,
And however,
I decide to,
Stick with

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