Deeper Life Essence

I know I’m accountable,
Yet I’m not perfect,
And I feel I,
Really struggle..,

And I feel,
It hurts when,
I feel,
Just don’t feel,
To try to be,

I try to include what I feel I should,
Whether it’s a feeling,
And/or idea,
And/or citation,
Yet I feel I can NOT sufficiently,
Precisely spot when I’m obsessively overly doing it,
Or whatever is a clearer way to communicate that..,
Such as including,
(I guess (?)),
And that..,
(I guess (?)),

Yet as for,
My belief that,
Since perfection is infinite,
I can never be “perfect”,
Yet I feel,
That doesn’t always alleviate the feeling,
And I guess as you can see,
That’s another example of how I believe I’m continually struggling,

I believe I feel that:

I can NOT mention every mean,
thing (or action (?)) someone did to me,
Whatever I witness or see,

Such as not yet (if ever including),
The mean girl on Tinder,
The mean guy at Carmine’s who scolded the homeless woman and wanted her out of the way,
Not to help her yet instead get her out of the way..,
I hope it’s reasonably clear what I’m trying to say..,
As for that,
When he,
Yelled at her repeating,
“I don’t want to hear your story!!”
“I don’t want to hear your story!!”
I understand that of course he was too busy,
Yet for me,
It didn’t make it less painful,
For me,
To hear,
To see,
Ohhhh and I looked at him as he looked at me,
Oh yes..,
This may very likely,
Stick with me,
As always,
There’s way more,
In addition to what I did not share (if ever),
About that story..,
Oh I remember just before,
Seeing (thanks to my mom’s friend) “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”,
On broadway,
And yes,
As I considered sharing more of what happened that day in my post titled “Deeper Beingness under Cruelness”..,
That just included more of what happened that day..,

And of course,
As for that guy and his understandable,
Yet hard to witness,
Of course,
Even though he could’ve more kindly told the woman to move,
Or (if being the case) his Carmine’s supervisor could have just not minded it especially since the woman wasn’t even close to the entrance..,
So yes..,
Even though he just happened to act mean and/or straight up unconscious,
I also believe that (like me and the homeless woman),
He is also part,
Of a deeper,
More kind,
Conscious and peaceful,

Life essence,

So knowing that..,
Just may (at least somewhat),
Help with,


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