Egos trying to be Egoless

I believe:
That egos,
(In addition to however else they can be threatened),
Feel threatened by being told,
That they have a “big ego”,
By other egos,
Since it’s the ego,
That can NOT handle any criticism,
No matter how peaceful the criticism is..,
And of course..,
No matter how factual it is..,
(Source: Eckhart Tolle, “A New Earth” (2005), page 99, Penguin Books, New York, New York),

No matter the extent(s) others judge me,
As a “winner” or “loser”,
Or whatever..,
I do NOT want to have it ruin my present,

I want to witness,
As any unconscious current(s) may pass,

I feel,
I must catch myself,
When I get caught up,
In my ego causing me to get derailed by how other egos think of it(?),
So yeah..,
Even though I “know” what is more important to care about,
I must catch myself,
Such as when I get angry,
Due to making assumptions about what others may be assuming about me..(?),
Because if I get too emotionally derailed,
I may unconsciously act in a way,
That just may,
Be deadly,

So I must be “aware of my awareness”,
(Source: Michael A. Singer, “The Untethered Soul”, (2007), page 31, New Harbinger Publications, Oakland, California),

And as for that ego validation..,
The MORE attached I become,
The HARDER it may be,
For me to let go..

So I’m..,
Just tryna chill,

I think you know


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