All from Within

As species and their awareness evolved (or changed) over time,
To use organized belief system(s) as an example,
Since it (obviously) all started from one person’s feeling(s) within,
Or shared feelings/beliefs/realizations within,
(That experiences (possibly including trauma(?)) shaped within them..),
That over time,
Solidified into an organization..,
(Or of course MANY organizations..),

Since I’m also a human,
Who believes to also have beliefs and realizations within,
How are mine any less valid than those of an organization?
When it comes down to it,
The beliefs,
And/or awareness,
All came from how other people (like me) felt within?

How is my truth any less valid than theirs?
Why would I have to follow their “truth”,
If I see my own truth differently?

I believe,
My deepest realizations,
Are NOT found in any external authority and/or organizations,
I believe my deepest realizations,
Can NOT be found in any external entity,
I believe I must INSTEAD keep trying to clearly look,

Within me,

And that I feel,
Is one of many truths,
That is,
Deeply important to me

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