I’ll Just Mention You Again

I’ll just mention you again..,

And even though you’re no longer manifesting in the form you once manifested in..,

I do remember how you (when I was in third while you were in fourth grade at the after school YMCA) excluded me from “The Bubblegum Club”,
(That you were the leader of..),

Even though so long ago..,
I definitely know..,
There were moments when you guys were nasty to me..,

I remember when I once said,
(Although it (of course) was NOT politically correct.. and of course my environment did have an affect on me (yet I of course still believe in peaceful accountability..)),
When I said (at like age 10 when you were 11..),
“I used to be a faggot”,
And you patted me on the shoulder,
Smiled and said,
“You still are,”

And well,
Wherever you are,
I wish you well..,
Whatever you may have became a part of(?),

And well..,
Like all of what so many others have done to me..,
(A lot of what I posted about and A LOT of which I forget and will NOT have enough time to clearly write about..),
I hope you recieve more peace to emanate more peace..,
Just like I said about you in my post “Receive and Give”..,

And yep..,
Step by step..,
I’m working on just letting more and more of it go,
With the hope of receiving,
And/or inwardly cultivating,
More peace

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