And You

I’m going to try LESS obsessively posting about people who wronged me..,
And yes..,
I’ll try to make this brief..,

I just painfully still remember,
That I would have NEVER let you verbally abuse me in “line-ups”,
Like when you screamed for me to “SHUT UP!!!!!!” louder than just about anything I heard from anyone..,

When you kept referring to us (since we were the “beta” pledge class) as “beta bitches”,
When you had us do “Edward Fortyhands”,
The “beer mile”,
(Case race was fun..),
When you had us take an ice bath..,
And I won’t forget all the women you could so easily get with because that’s just what (I sometimes feel) many look for,
In our backwards culture..,

And yeah man..,
Regardless if I share more of it later..(?),
I just would NOT have let you do so much of what you did to me,
If I knew you’d eventually just..,
Cut me out of your life..,
And well,
You did NOT “build me up”..,
You added to all my built up emotional trauma..,

And even though (I agree) it was NOT nearly as bad as it could have been,
In my opinion,
It was STILL WAY WORSE than it should have been..,

And yeah..,

As for calling yourself a “brother for life”..,



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