Here’s One for You Too

Another brief memory of my coach (who I posted about in “Here’s one for You, Coach”),
Was when I innocently playfully called out my younger brother for throwing his helmet after he grounded out to first base (in camp),
And I was like “do they get an extra out because he lost his temper?”..,
And you,
Were like..,
“And we don’t allow tattling either”..,
So you coach,
Implicitly called me a “tattletale” for pointing out something that I previously got in trouble for..,

Even though I may remember more and more..,
I best just try to keep letting go of it..,
And well..,
Among all those who did stuff to me,
That’s just too much to ever clearly write about..,
(And (I feel) would be a waste of time and energy..),
I just thought I’d also BRIEFLY write and share this..,
(Among whatever else I may decide to subsequently share from my writing archives..(?)),

And this ain’t about you coach..,
This is about YOU..,
Other dickhead,
Among many dickheads I once KNEW..,


You made fun of me for not doing well in math,
And as I hear..,
You’re NOW out making money as an engineer,
And that guy who I talked about in my post “As for That” I heard now works for Wall Street..,
Ohh man..,

You said in middle school,
“Why are you laughing if we’re making fun of you?”
You would always exclaim..,
When I would say something “stupid” due to my autistic learning and anxiety struggles..,
And ohh yes the others would too..,

I remember you making fun of another guy who had surgery due to a “cleft palate”,
And you knew that,
Yet you still repeatedly “inquired”..,
“What’s wrong with your lip?”

And although nothing else comes to mind at this moment..,
Ohh there was definitely more..,

And well..,
You are out building your career,
While I look for a place to start..,

And yeah you weren’t as bad as the others,
But overall you weren’t good either..,

And well..,

I’ll just try to LET go of stuff you among others did to me that presently weighs in me..,
So maybe I can become as successful as you one day..?

Ohh it’s been rough along the way

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