More from 2017

This was the same year,
And around the time when that “friend” who was an actor..,
Including those guys from the fraternity were doing that shit to me..,
2017 was another BAD year for me,

Sometimes I just struggle to let it go,
And I remember how you as my supervisor would constantly say we “sucked”,
How you said it’s “no surprise” when I told you I had autism..,
There were all those times you would wine and be like,
Referring to us when you said,
“This is so special Ed!!”
Then I got mad,
And you criticized me for losing my temper,
In addition to EMPHASIZING how I “can’t take criticism”,
When from you it was just straight up insults,
And due to me mildly expressing how I’d get offended,
You just said I “can’t take criticism”..,
No no..,
You were like,
“Ohhh you can NOT take ANY criticism..”,
Your emotionally sadistic energy really got to me..,

You just had to remind me how I would have,
“Never lasted as park ranger”,
When I walked into for a break you were like,
“Did you not do what I fucking said!!?”
And I said I’ll do it “after break”,
Because what difference would it really make!!?

Yet you just had to keep on criticizing..,
And when I exclaimed that “I won’t take my break and I’ll do it now!”
That gave you another reason to criticize how I responded to you while you completely DISREGARDED how you were mean to me..,

And oh yeah..,
You’d constantly curse,
And when a curse would OCCASIONALLY slip out of my mouth,
It was a “problem”..,

And even after how hard I worked on the garbage,
And even though I’d practically get it all done you’d still say I “sucked”,

And well,
At least your assistant supervisor kindly admitted to me that he,
Here and there (way less than you),
Treated me in certain ways that were NOT right..,
Like the time he yelled at me when I asked him to repeat himself,
And the time he yelled at our maintenance team even though he (at the same time) apologized for offending us..,
So he gets a pass,
Especially since in your point of view,
You definitely felt,
And may still do..(?),
That you,
Did “nothing wrong”,

Well in my belief,
Aside from all else that happened and whatever memories I could have expanded on..,
I strongly feel that..,
The way you often treated me was just..,


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