Emotional Trauma Spectrum

Although this may be obvious(?) I still felt a need to post this,
And if whoever struggles to clearly put this into words..(?),
Then maybe they feel it to be true?
Yet I of course feel I must respectfully speak for myself especially in this online context..,
So I feel that:

We must NOT forget that,
Like pretty much anything,
There’s a spectrum,
And of course that includes with trauma,
Hence what I chose to title this:
“Emotional Trauma Spectrum”,

And as for the “Trauma” Spectrum,
I feel that,
Of course there are subcategories,
Such as an,
Emotional Trauma spectrum,
Physical Trauma spectrum,
Etc, etc..,

In my belief..,
Some traumas might be minor,
Such as insults,
And others may be major,
Such as getting nearly beaten to death,
(As a hypothetical..),

And I feel the energy someone uses when mentioning the word “trauma” may imply the degree of severity..?
Yet I guess that (unless the word is overused..(?))..,
If someone says that someone is “traumatized” it may (at least sometimes) imply something BAD..?
Such as whether the person is psychologically damaged due to unhealed repeated/internally built up instances of micro traumas,
Or that..,
They nearly got beaten to death..,
For example..,

So yes,
I’d say that just because something may be a “micro” trauma such as being called an offensive word..,
Then well..,
If it happens repeatedly over time,
(For example),
I guess..(?),
It may still have a significant effect on the individual depending on how the individual internally emotionally reacts to the trauma..(?),
Such as..,
Does the person sufficiently inwardly “let go” and/or heal their emotional pain caused by the trauma?
Or does the person feel NOT able to STOP thinking and/or being distracted by their remaining level of inner emotional trauma/pain?
And over time..,
(As I’d guess..(?)),
The individual just may further solidify a trauma response tendency that shapes their awareness and therefore,
The choices/decisions they continue to make,
Including how they consciously respond or unconsciously react to any levels of trauma,

And (I feel) of course,
People inwardly/psychologically react and/or respond,
To the same types of trauma(s) individually uniquely,
Hence I would say that we have our own unique/innate response tendencies to trauma that get shaped over time (and therefore shape us over time..),
Such as due to the individual level(s) of information and/or emotional support people may encounter to peacefully heal and/or peacefully respond to any level of trauma they may ever encounter,
Or have encountered in any point in time,
If not NOW..,

And of course,
I believe,
Since pain and pleasure may be infinite(?),
Both ends,
Or whatever ends,
Of certain spectrum(s) are probably infinite..(?),
And yes this may be obvious..,
Yet well..,
Who knows how bad traumatic experience(s) may get and/or affect someone..?

And well..,
Even though this may also be obvious(?),
I feel that many feel what “should” be regarded as a “trauma” is LARGELY opinion based,
(And maybe many opinions/world views were largely shaped by traumatic experiences(?) such as an abusive past turning someone into an emotionally distant (so-called) “hardass”.., hence ONE reason the “hardass” may have became emotionally distant was because the emotions the person experienced while getting abused were too painful so all the individual then knew was to “block them out” as much as the person felt to be possible.., hence the individual is now emotionally unaware/distant from THEMSELVES and therefore others(?)),
And well..,
I’d say..,
That any degree of trauma,
Will have at least some effect on most,
If not everyone,
(Of course.., I feel the type of effect(s) largely depend on the way and degree individuals consciously or unconsciously respond/react and/or however individuals may uniquely handle any traumatic experience(s) they may ever encounter..(?)),


And well,
I feel,
Since many (if not all) people,
Who help run society,
And perpetuate and/or develop existing culture(s),
May have been uniquely affected by at least some degree(s) of traumatic experience(s)..(?),
Then well,
I’d say that varying degrees of trauma,
Underlie just about everything,
Including societal structure and/or sociopolitical function/dysfunction,

And well,
I’d say..,
The MORE that MORE of us heal our own trauma,
Then the MORE we just may heal overall society

And as for me..,
I hope I keep successfully handling trauma in ways..,
That help me,
To at least some degree,
Sustain my sanity,

Yet as I made clear in my posts..,
I feel,
It has NOT often felt easy,

Yet of course,
I plan to keep trying my best,
To develop more inner peaceful positivity,
That I ALSO of course hope to helpfully emanate,

I’ll just..,

Keep trying..,

Such as, With whatever I feel I must get better at remembering to keep practicing

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