Witnessing without Resisting

The feelings that I feel,
I can NOT change in an instant,

Because if I could,
Why would I NOT!!?

Why would I NOT decide to feel a certain way..,
If I could just “flip a switch” to instantly “brighten my day”?

I just STRUGGLE yet feel I must REMEMBER to witness the feelings in me,
As they remain passing gradually in their own way,

And well I feel I just happen to consistently mess up in my own way..(?),

And I feel I must say,
My mind can NOT think a way out of a bad feeling,
Especially if the bad feeling,
Is caused by OVERTHINKING,

I can NOT rationalize,
With inner unconscious IRRATIONAL forces..,

So as for the feelings that I can NOT change,
I think it IS clear,

Keep remembering to practice,
NOT engaging with them,
Such as..,
By NOT adding thinking to PAINFUL feelings caused by overthinking..,
By NOT adding inner tense resistance,
To what I can NOT instantly inwardly change in any presence,


And of course,
As I fail too often..,

I’d say I must once again,
Keep on witnessing without resisting,
Sensations are presently passing,




Yeah you know it..




I guess the inevitable struggles just carry on..,
For however long..,


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