I feel that:

Seeing stuff differently than most,
Can make me more vulnerable to being socially disconnected,
And getting dangerously lost in my head,

I feel,
Insensitive dismissals of my predisposed struggles with emotional dysregulation can make me more emotionally dysregulated,
I want to deeply socially connect,
While it seems MANY others feel a need to dismiss and reject,

I want to be understood,
While I feel many want to play around with my emotional chemicals,

Some may constantly bust my balls,
Some may recommend I take this or that,
That I try that and that,
And when I reach out to them for my social connection health,
I do NOT hear back,
Unless it’s brief patronizing advice,

Although I may agree with them depending on the context,
Many may give a simplistic suggestion..,
Such as,
“You gotta let go of the past”,
And/or “take your medication”,

It’s just,
I wish they’d truly listen,

And many who do NOT for however valid of a personal reason,
Leave me more emotionally,
Cognitively and/or however internally vulnerable to spirling into social/emotional/mental disconnection,
Possibly resulting in complete delusion,
And being under MORE control of the unconsciously sadistic and powerful,

(Source: Jennifer Kanary Nikolova, “Beyond Diagnosis — Understanding Psychosis” May 12th, 2020, Labyrinth Psychotica,,

So UNLESS I find some viable practice/support,
Of REDUCING the likelihood of getting lost in my passing inner emotional intensity,
If I can learn naturally how to NOT have my emotional dysregulation spiral me into delusion,
INCLUDING in isolation,
Then I’ll be more equipped to survive and function,

I feel,
True power is within me,
NOT in any pill,
NOT in any power seeking external entity,
(For example),

I feel,
Needed survival inner peaceful awareness,
Can most deeply be found,
Within me,

And although I always feel there’s a degree of uncertainty,
I hope for that awareness,
To protect me,
Even if too many do NOT understand my unique condition,
That’s been uniquely shaped by my unique environment and/or unique lived experiences,
That has given me unique excessive emotional struggles (for example),

Yet regardless of our labels,
Such as whether we’re on a different “spectrum”,
Or whether we’re labeled as “neurotypical”,
I’d say we ALL have struggles,
And to get through this together,
We must sufficiently remember,

To deeply,


To each other

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