Not Perfect Either

I do NOT mean to disregard the suffering of others,
Yet I want my experiences to also be regarded,
I also want to feel heard,

Even though I often feel powerless and misunderstood,
I just wish people could listen to why I feel I struggle the way I do,

And even if I do NOT “perfectly” explain myself word for word,
I still want to feel more compassionately heard,

I wish people could just listen,
To kindly realize and remember,
That even though my words and actions may be COMPLETELY opposite of my true beliefs,
There are infinite reasons why that could all be explained infinitely clearer,
(For example),

I just wish I felt most others could realize and remember that I’m also NOT perfect,

And I’ll add that I feel that,
Of course,
Being “perfect”,
Is infinite,

So may the culture NOT cancel me,
May others NOT come torture NOR kill me,
I’m not perfect either,

I ask for empathy

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