Broadening and Capturing

I feel I’ve often wondered..
Who presently has used the fewest words to LITERALLY capture the most emotion..?

I guess I could say that would be,
As many appear to say,
I even feel that word can be broadened and interpreted depending on the marketing,
Or whatever word is most CAPITALIZING..?


And as for me,
I feel in order to broaden and expand my literal attention span,
I need sufficient peace and quiet,

And I hope that made sense,
Yet whatever I post on my blog,
Or whichever words come out of my mouth,
Will of course (or I guess(?)),
Be interpreted,
By any others’ present varying broadened or narrowed,
interpretation awareness,

And whichever energy I receive,
I hope the pain of whatever and whenever,



Now I’m grateful for this inner peaceful sensation,
And since I can NOT teach it to others,
Instead of bringing me down,
I hope that they (whoever that might be(?)),
Discover more peace inwardly,

And although I might always be able to write more concisely,
May this be interpreted NOT personally,
Yet of course,

Safely and..,


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