Antagonizing Empathy

I presently feel I:

Well for one (I guess(?)) hearing rhymes (at least sometimes) can make it auditorily harder to differentiate between literary meanings of syllables..?
Such as one syllable rhyming words sounding VERY similar riiight?
And I just presently lack the patience to be more literally analytically clear about that..,
And I’ll try to accept I can NOT control how whoever may interpret that to whatever extent..?

I also feel I:

Try to focus,
Then one sentient figure catches my inner senses,
I try to focus,
With peripheral and/or whatever type of senses I still have that have NOT yet degenerated..,

And what did evolve and degenerate within me..?
Do I always proceed upwards linearly..?
I feel I can NOT always be aware of my weaknesses,
And some presently stronger painful vibes in others may unconsciously impulsively overpower me..?

The external forces may analyze it..?
Or re-organize the syllables of pre-existing words before their present analytical ordered experience(s),


When the emotions get PERNICIOUS,
I guess the mind can get DELIRIOUS..?
And my ego may get lost trying to find rhymes and if you feel me (I guess(?)) you’ll see I am presently SERIOUS,
Now my ego might consider those above ordered ending line rhyming syllables “fancy”,
And well as for the REAL present,
I guess my ego just gets lost in words to “describe” it..?

And (I guess(?)) the MORE emotional pain one suppresses and is unaware of..?
Then the MORE the pain TAKES over..?
And if the pain has combined empathetic antagonizing grievances..,
Yes I guess(?) there would MORE likely be an explosion of multiplying dangerous emotion leading to a LITERAL explosion..?
And more and more,
Yes I’d guess that’ll increase the likelihood of another war..?

And more distant varying indifferent analysis,



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