A thought from my Thought Document

Here is a thought I tried to copy and paste from a bulleted personal google thought document, I hope the words technologically transferred precisely..?

I presently feel that:

May we peacefully regulate internal infinite expanding linear cognitive connections for good, yet we must remember that this takes consistent inner peaceful remembering, so May we remember to breathe, so the painful inner emotional tension does not blow us into hateful delusion.., The ego I feel, (our sense of separation(?)), appears to hate what it fears, so if we spot it, May we increase inner emotional/physiological awareness of it, whether it’s up down or all around, May awareness of senses infinitely expand infinite peaceful common considerate senses in infinite directions, May music not craft our awareness into a sadistic dark emotional trench of fire waiting to explode, May awareness of inner peace developing awareness NOT brutally expire

I hope the above revised words were peacefully sincerely put together

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