Infinite Expanding Awareness Bubble

I guess(?) I presently feel that:

There are a lot of sentient social interaction energy fields that survive on the same kind of energy they are,
That can infinitely be traced back to wherever,
Due to whatever,
Internally and externally,
Above and below,
Beyond any walls of what one may claim to “know”,

Various fields of inner anatomical developing emotional energy,
Bring people together based on a common feeling EVEN if that feeling can NOT be precisely connected into logical word sequences..?

And (I would guess(?)),
The stronger the emotion,
The deeper the connection,
So for example,
If uncertainty,
Fear and/or hate make others exclusively relate,
Then that may MORE likely increase an alienation energy field of explosive projection towards the perceived “enemy”..(?),
And IF that emotional energy field collides with another that is mostly or (in this case) EXACTLY similar,
Then there may more likely be another and/or more solidified dangerous clash of institutional (or emotional collective hierarchical) war!!?

I guess that(?),
The more our individual and/or tribal ego focuses on identifying itself,
The more it FORGETS that it is part of all else,
In whatever solid and/or space,
Dangerous zone or comfortable space..?
(Source: Eckhart Tolle, “A New Earth”, (2005), pages 66-67, Penguin Books, New York, New York),

In other words (I guess..?),
The present physical manifestation we’re presently in can easily forget where it came from..(?),
Regardless if there was a more powerful sentient manifestation that “created” the present form we presently manifest in or not..?

And of course I wish to keep my right to question beyond the walls of ANY tribal institution..,
Regardless of our sentient individual egoic and/or collective exclusive egoic past,
Regardless of whatever historic records are kept,
And/or deliberately or accidentally destroyed,
May freedom last!
May freedom last!

(Sidenote: I’m not sure if I need to quote the above..(?), and the fact that I’m explaining this (I guess..?) shows obsessive compulsiveness that still limits my continually changing awareness..?),

Maybe an example of a spark of destructive energy fields could be..(?),
Emotionally BINARY evolving (or devolving) sources of information (Such as what is considered “good” versus what is assumed to be “evil”),
That therefore narrows information interpreting awareness cultivation,
From generation to generation,
In other words (I guess?)..,
Instinctive fear evolving and perpetuating systems of indoctrination,
Powers increasing and dividing,
Emotions separating and uniting,
Anatomical sentient structures producing symbols,
Translations and institutional identities,
That may heavily influence the perpetuating awareness of any sentient being manifesting within and outside the collective emotional power structure..?

In other words I guess(?),
Infinite expanding emotional energy fields,
React with varying frequencies,

Or maybe that was too vague..?
I do NOT know..?
NOR (of course) do I believe I can “know” precisely since I believe we can always infinitely expand our awareness bubble of what we “know”..,
I guess if our environment nurtures us properly..?
I don’t know..?

And whether the environmentally evolving or devolving,
Moral or immoral socially interacting energy fields,
Seek to find a way to separate and prove themselves “right”,
Or however the energy fields seek to solidify their “separate” and “special” identity,

I believe that (for example),
Painful energy fields need painful energy to survive and grow,
By remembering proper steps to free myself from whatever painful energy field is within me and surrounds me..,
(Such as noticing my naturally occurring breathing and/or inner sensations contracting and expanding..),
I may MORE LIKELY create consciousness,
Which of course will hopefully emanate externally from it’s inner source(s),

I guess(?),
In a nutshell,
Energy fields feed off of and interact (for “better or worse”) among one and whichever others..?

(Source: Eckhart Tolle, “A New Earth” (2005), page 162, Penguin Books, New York, New York),

And of course I feel I struggle with this..,
Yet I just thought I’d try to more deeply piece together,
A helpfully,
Interpretation of this,
For myself with (of course) the intention to help the best I can within any sentient spiritual and/or perpetually changing social structural energy field,

And if I ever can NOT free myself externally,
Hopefully I can find inner peaceful freedom,
If I remember to more and more clearly spot,
What I certainly do not,
Have external control over,

And the MORE I remind myself,
To consciously emotionally check in within,
The MORE I may remember,
Even in the moments I forget,
Since LESS needed inner peaceful survival awareness will have left,


In other words I guess?
The more I strengthen my ability to consciously remember to emotionally check in,
The less I’ll forget because the more I’ll have previously reminded myself to consciously strengthen my consciousness memory ability..?
And hopefully emotions do NOT dangerously blind me,
And hopefully peaceful consciousness will have grown within me to stay centered to ALSO help those who may surround me,
The more often I consciously remind myself of what is most essential to my functioning,
The more I’ll sustain functioning BECAUSE the moments I forget will (hopefully) have shortened..?

A part of me feels,
That there has been words (and/or phrases) that point to deeper understandings,
That I may exactly repeat in words or inwardly rediscover,
And I guess I can call that “inner realization”,
Which I’d guess someone else may already have called or “coined” as a term..?
Especially since if we come from the same life energy,
We may have (at some point) very similar (if not the same) inner realizations regardless of our ability to word them..?

And if that was not clear..(?),
I believe,
Figuratively speaking,
That there’s always an infinitely clearer and longer way to logically put into words,
The underlying life energy field that I believe we all manifest from somewhere on the surface,
Survival awareness,
I just of course hope to NOT dangerously forget,

I never want to be forced to sacrifice,
I want myself,
And whoever else,
To expand awareness for the improvement of myself among all beingness,

And of course that may be dismissed as unreasonably “idealistic”,
Yet I feel it’s most practical,
To develop inner peaceful self-control,
Wherever we are in the external

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