In Peace and Power

May you live on in peace and power, Regardless of whichever other higher power(s) may or may not have created you and/or our sentient interconnected legacy..(?),
Although I can NOT speak for you, May you peacefully remain, With inseparable good life energy,
I still remember those walks around the lake, Conversations we’d make, Whether it pertained to the human state on any individual, collective, micro and/or macro level..,
I always appreciated your concern about the climate, And regardless of whatever humans encounter due to whatever naturally manifesting and/or human creating,
Well, congrats on making it through your life,
I hope we increasingly peacefully make it through together, And all I sometimes feel I can do is just make it through the day.., Although I may post a lot about negativity, Thank you for helping pave the way,
Thanks for reading those pieces of writing I sent you, And I wish you can read this, Regardless, May you find increasing peace and strength,
Of course like anyone else, We may have had excessive avoidable struggles yet we keep going, Regardless of where our mental and/or spiritual states take us I presently believe we keep on manifesting, And I plan to stay in this form for as long as I can,
My ego now wants to post another fancy worded letter by letter, word by word NON-autocorrected blog post, And now my IPhone 12 google document app format is acting different than usual, etc, etc, etc..,
Yet essentially I want to say..,
May you, Rest, In Peace and Power,
May your’s, Your daughters’, son’s and their offspring’s peace develop among us and all others we share this changing, interacting and rearranging inseparable personally interpreted and allegedly “accurately translated” life manifesting inseparable “energy”,
Or whichever broad terms we may or may NOT use in vain, and/or in a state of unconscious vanity..? or whatever type of interpretation spiritual energy, to piece together the sentient condition we remain physically presently internally and externally within,
May you find more and more peace Grandpa,
Inhale, Huhhhh, Inhale, Ommmmmm, Inhale, Huhhh, Inhale, Ohhmmm, Inhale, Huhh, Inhale, Ahhhh, Inhale, Ahhh,

Letters, Syllables and socially constructed, Changing and passed down language, Which I feel as of now has not yet been able to put into words the manifesting life energy we once exchanged.., And I do NOT feel it ever perfectly will, Since words come out of our mouths on the surface, And since I presently believe the depths of spirit remain infinite,
And as of now, I’ll use words to say my best:
May you remain peacefully along the way, And may you among us all, Find more peace and power,
Blessings on your journey Grandfather,
May you live on,
In peace,

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