Reducing Painful Frequency

I believe:

The MORE I spot inner painful toxic energy building within me,
The LESS control it’ll likely have over me,

I believe I’m inwardly foundationally accountable,
To build inner peaceful,
Clear and longer lasting strength,
In order to contribute whatever,
Whenever and wherever I may contribute in my external socially expected role(s),

I feel that I,
Try my best to fulfill my part of whatever I believe I presently must,
That’ll MOST likely guarantee what is MOST deeply needed for myself and whichever sentient inseparable others,

Yet due to a history of struggling with emotional dysregulation making me feel more vulnerable and (therefore) lacking the confidence I view as needed for survival..,
I feel I remain emotionally fragile,
And yes,
Other egos may therefore STILL fail to resist a temptation of trying to compensate for their inner unconscious built up insecurity by mistreating me to try to feel an instantly gratifying sense of “dominance” over me,

Speaking idealistically and I guess(?) PRACTICALLY,
I want to emotionally,
Or however need be,
Increasingly help,
Uplift deep inner foundational sentient functioning roots within myself and others,
So our sentient interdependent interconnected ship does NOT sink into infinitely darkening stone cold depths,

And regardless of whatever ends up happening literally,
To sentient life on earth,
May we,
Ride out whatever this existence may keep throwing at us,
For however better or worse,

May we keep riding out this present experience,

May there be LESS and LESS toxic painful changes of any type(s) of frequency,
May we ride our presently passing physically manifesting sentient life form,

And more,


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