Inclusive Sentient Greatness

I believe, that it is EVIL to try to “justify” the killing and/or torturous oppression of others for NOT believing what can NOT clearly be logically put into words and/or symbols used for communication,
May we NOT be psychologically traumatized, May we NOT be physically maimed, May we NOT be killed, In the name of what can NOT be clearly proven NOR explained,
And if we’re in a position of authority, And if (for example) another sentient being triggers the memory(s) of another sentient being that caused us certain form(s) of pain, May we simply NOT abuse our authority at the expense of whichever others whose presence triggers painful memories within us,
Even though at times it might feel very hard, I would guess(?) that it would probably feel WORSE repeating history,
Regardless of any level of power and authority, May we think and/or feel empathetically and logically, May we remain aware of our inner awareness so our pain does NOT UNjustifiably flow out onto others,
May we remain aware of how our inner emotional/physiological functions affect the changing inner beingness of ourselves and others (whether that’s physical, and/or psychological for example..),
Although this may be incredibly obvious, I still feel that too many still do NOT understand that the tone of voice we use when communicating to others has an effect on how they view, react and/or respond to us,
For example, I would guess(?) that, Coming across as emotionally edgy may make another assume that we’ll harm them physically, And the more our edginess scares others, And/or the more our UNawareness of annoying and/or frustrating others is, The more likely we’ll remain in isolation,
And due to the infinitely preceding elaborate psychological causes and effects of our development that (I believe) have remained out of our control to at least some extent, And that (I believe) we did NOT choose how to NOT make bad choices, Or that we did NOT decide to make out of control bad decisions, Then nothing we do may be our “fault” yet there still may possibly be understandable consequences for our behavior if it causes direct or indirect harm of others,
Such as if physical, social and/or emotional intimidation negatively affected the developing learning and/or emotional regulation ability of another, Then (in my belief) anger by the victim will be valid, And the anger by the victim may make it harder for the victim to control their behavior even in moments when they encounter another who did nothing to them, Yet who reminds them of someone who harmed them,
To put it more vaguely, I believe that.., Our degree in which we’re aware internally, Affects ourselves and whoever else we share civilized society with,
Hence I presently wish that we, Always increasingly aspire for inclusive sentient greatness within ourselves among all other infinite inseparable sentient true beingness

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