Peaceful Recharging

Since I’m feeling a little manic tonight,
I just thought I’d make another post regarding what I presently feel I’m trying to logically piece together what I presently believe as right,
And yep my ego tried to rhyme that,
And it wants to infinitely connect more and more fancy rhymes to get attention,
Yet since I feel slightly emotionally dysregulated at the moment..,
Instead of suppressing the emotion WITH the INTENT to PREVENT it from building and cruelly exploding onto whichever beings more vulnerable than me..,
I presently feel I’ll try to ride these rhymes out..,
And then refocus my awareness on my breath as the search for rhymes passes like a current that I can breathe and relax within..,
Or do both at the same time..?



I feel I must ask that..,
Does EXCESSIVELY uncontrolled selfish attention (possibly mainstream(?)) annoying repetitively similar sounds distract us into socially awkward attention reduction..?
To me it’s as those efficient implicit communicators just may say..,
And would just saying “obvious” sound less robotic..?
Yet if something is commonly regarded as “obvious”..,
Then why say the word..?
I guess..,
My point is that intelligence can be expressed in MORE than just words..,
Yet because I’m wording this..,
I do like trying to put what I presently view,
What I’m passing through,
Into at least some words..,

And if you’re offended due to whatever..,
There’s nothing I have to presently offer..,
Other than a convenient apology so my ego is SORRY..,
And why be forced to apologize when we’re NOT properly taught how to peacefully regulate out of control emotional energy..?
And since I presently believe we’re more than our physically manifesting ego.., Maybe an insincere apology will at least have others who we have hurt (because of whatever forces that may have dysregulated our internal self-control (for example)) feel at least some need of feeling heard..?
Yet for my own safety..,
I’ll add that for myself and whoever others,
That I do believe in moral compassionate accountability..,

I guess..,
And to keep rhyming..,
Presently to me it just feels that it remains an ongoing struggle to safely match inclusive collective open minded energy..,
That honors societal truth within,
And sustains an ethical compass within,
And compassionately follows truly ethical orders and can sustain distinguishing awareness,
To see the difference of what can and can NOT presently be altered that surrounds us and that remains as our inner sources of external emotional/physical functioning..,
That may possibly have the ability to be analyzed infinitely..?

And I hope remaining forms of elaborate hierarchical authority increasingly finds (if not sustains) an increasingly compassionate view regardless of past history that may haunt our forms of privilege to some degree..?

Yes I believe in compassionately and patiently remembering how to NOT repeat horrific history..,

Even though these stanzas might not connect “precisely”..,
I still feel a need to add another present belief of mine which is that:
May we find,
remember and/or develop compassionate awareness..,
Of causes,
Underneath any decisions of our own and other spiritually inseparable interconnected entities..,

May we NOT judge those for harming themselves even if they know the consequences,
May we find some needed awareness within ourselves to assist them with,
Which (for example) may just be,
Developing an ability to ongoingly..,
And try helping them feel heard and connected instead of jumping to advice as our ego’s attempt to feel smart by “knowing the answer”..,

I also struggle with this,
Maybe the above was my ego preaching about giving it up..?
And maybe this analysis is just another form of my inner insecure ego..?

What do I really “know”..?

I’ll say it is time to,
Relax my insecure,

Time to reconnect with a shore of peaceful recharging,

I’ll stop obsessively rhyming for at least now to the best of my ability..,

May you have a relaxing night

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