Take Shelter

I presently feel that:

Elaborate lecturing does NOT always help us stay adequately focused on doing what we must,

For example,
If I never realize how lost in my mind I become in stressful imagination(s) resulting from fancy worded talks,
Such as about how to “solve” one or however many world issues that I as an individual truthfully have zero sufficient control over..,
I might get sleep deprivation,
Which may increase a rate of imbalancing emotion,
And then I’ll become more susceptible to a level and/or type of toxic medication through prescription and/or recreation,
And/or I’ll become more and more vulnerable and overpowered by forces with better self-control than me that impulsively abuse me in my present state of emotional and physical sensory vulnerability,

What choices did I really choose to make..?
What decisions did I truly decide to take..?

I just wish that more would inwardly heal themselves so they would likely NOT abuse their present ability to a brutal degree..,
Great intelligence with infinite directions of infinite elaborate exclusive collective expanding awareness without prerequisite good morality I hope remains as fantasy,
May there be some point where good moral awareness is required for greater technological intelligence advancement,
May clear peaceful moral intent be needed for any type of infinite expanding awareness improvement to continually manifest externally as it is experienced and developed inwardly,
And IF and whenever greater forms of intelligence get clouded with inwardly painful egotistic anger,
May we know and remain prepared how to take shelter

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