A Flag

What symbols will future forces allow me to post..?
Since as far as I know I’m in an internet safe space,
I’ll begin,
With some questions I presently feel could be socially,
psychologically and spiritually considered,
such as I would guess,
Pertaining to seemingly inanimate objects that represent a collection of senses and beliefs shaped by internal awareness that evolved over time:

Do we follow a flag for swag..?
Do we follow a flag to have social connection or to try to justify some other type..?
Do we follow a flag to follow orders to try to see ourselves and have others see us as egoless..?
How do WE take the needed steps to spiritually reconnect with realizing and remembering any inseparable forms of interconnectedness while remaining properly nurtured and sheltered..?

How many wise egos of any ages still need to be “stroked”..?
How many lost the ability to emotionally control themselves..?
What level of authority and control do those have who are emotionally out of control..?
When will the “inner child” run wild into war just for a reason it does not understand nor feels comfortable verbally and/or emotionally expressing..?
Where and when will the painful energy react!?

For a start..,
How about we sustain social connection by cleaning up the planet and following an inner path of logical awareness expansion and/or whatever inner peace development path that suits us best as we navigate and prevent human and/or non-human caused environmental catastrophe..?
Or will we ever find a place for our part in that..?
Will we become too emotionally dislodged and scattered to build and construct a sustainable inclusive collective personal and interdependent schedule..?

I’ve found managing my sensory awareness hard,
Such as..,
When I lose sleep,
Even a noise from any other may trigger a bad social interaction energy memory of feeling emotionally stepped on,
Which may make it very hard for the emotional pain to NOT make me externally appear.. yes,
Yet also dangerous and INANE,
Hypothetically speaking..,

And if people assume that about me..,
or whoever could happen to be immensely sleep deprived,
Deeply isolated,
Dismissively evaluated and UNappreciated while painful emotional memories resurface..,

Then well..,
Hopefully human instincts have developed peacefully and civilly enough for whenever anyone may react without thinking either once,
during or after being threatened,

And that’s more of what I have to say,
while proceeding along on,
some kind of way,
Or path,
Or whatever I’m allowed to say

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