Role Instructors

However implicitly or explicitly,
If a former war associate suggests that I should “join the military”,
And if I respond by making it clear that I do not want to,
And if the older former war associated individual responds by saying “it’s not like the movies”,

Is the individual implying that modern high-tech violence is easier?
Harder or the same?
So how can I know if the elaborate step by step goal setting rules and terms are always changing..?
Let me guess..,
I must stop “overthinking”?

Yet to sustain my belief in trying to clearly concisely critically question..,
I feel I must ask:
What would really be occurring if I signed and/or clicked on an email link THAT I do NOT understand..?
What if someone I felt a need of emotional support from impatiently waited for my signature..?

What is the dominant intent,
Of powerful organizations who explicitly and/or implicitly CLAIM to dedicate themselves to human and/or sentient advancement?
Is there a step by step painful initiation prerequisite process that is inclusively collectively worth it..?

Would some form of intelligence try to fabricate my intentions and LIE about my history to justify abusing someone as confused and oblivious as myself..?

Why torture someone if the torturer knows that the person being tortured will act guilty in order to stop being tortured!?
Is the individual doing the torturing threatened to be tortured the same way if the individual does NOT torture the person he/she/they is torturing..?

I’m now assuming,
The anger and annoyance of what people are afraid of or do NOT understand causes of must be building..?

How lost are people getting in their orders from the role instructors?
Who truly can NOT emotionally return from their role they feel they were “meant to” PLAY..?
On screen,
In the theater and/or violence zone..?

I guess I feel that more must learn and/or REMEMBER to..?
Stop justifying the past,
For an apathetic social function drug induced blast,
Be careful of the building ASSUMPTIONS of who your group intimidates and EXCLUDES,

And yeah I know I’m preaching..,
Yet safe emotional regulation free of painful side-effects,
I just have NOT found the causes of

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